The hoist monitoring systems NovaMaster and the digitally networked successor OMNI control collect and process all parameters of hoist operation. All information ​​can be read out via display or by using a mobile app. This includes, but it is not limited to:

  • faults and warnings
  • data about hoist condition (SWP hoist, brake and contactors)
  • information about hoist usage (load, runtime, overload incidents, temperature, number of emergency stops, overtemperature, etc.)

In other words, the days of worrying about inaccurate or time-consuming calculations for the annual inspection of your crane systems are history.

SWF X-Link complements the NovaMaster hoist monitoring. The app clearly visualizes all NovaMaster parameters on the user’s mobile phone on factory floor level. To work with the app, NovaMaster simply needs to be equipped with a hardware module with antenna for wireless transmission and an adapter cable.

Continuous monitoring

Hoist monitoring, permanent SWP calculations, overload protection

Minimal downtime

Relevant crane data can be read quickly from the display

Safe working conditions

Monitoring of safetyrelevant hoist components and operation parameters such as brakes, contactors, etc

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