Environment Policy

In order to leave a more livable world to future generations, Visan Vinc develops and implements projects to raise awareness of the whole society, starting with its employees, for the protection of natural resources and sustainable development. While structuring business processes in every sector of our company’s field of activity, with environmentally friendly practices and necessary precautions, it contributes to making all company employees and all cooperating stakeholders environmentally conscious and conscious individuals in order to establish a sustainable future.

The basic principles that make up our company’s environmental policy are as follows:

To take proactive measures in all activities to prevent air, water and soil pollution.

To carry out studies that will ensure continuous improvement and development in environmental activities.

To comply with the environmental aspects of the applicable national and international legal and other requirements.

To contribute to the environmental studies of non-governmental organizations “for a healthy environment”.

To reduce costs, increase productivity and long-term profitability by working on the basis of cooperation and trust that will ensure quality, environmental awareness and occupational safety with suppliers of goods and services.

To constantly move towards the better and the right by evaluating the activities in all sectors and service units in a systematic and regular manner.

The biggest proof of the effective implementation of these principles, which our company has adopted by all its employees, is that our company has ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard, in addition to ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Our company goes beyond complying with national legislation and fulfills international obligations.

In all projects carried out in our company, from the design stage to the delivery stage, studies are carried out to minimize natural resource and energy consumption, to prevent soil, air and water pollution, and to recycle the resulting wastes to the maximum extent, with an environmentally friendly approach.

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