Visan Vinç ve Hareket Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. as one of the leading manufacturers of the Turkish and World crane industry, has always been behind its products with its quality service. Our company, which attaches the necessary importance to after-sales customer support, serves our customers with all the necessary tools, equipment and staff for this purpose.

Our main principle is to provide 100% customer satisfaction by providing fast solutions to your cranes in a short time with Visan Crane’s widespread service network. We offer special service, maintenance services and spare parts supply for all kinds of industrial overhead cranes and Electric chain hoists, manual chain hoists and Exproof products. Our goal is to ensure the security and continuity of our customers’ operations.

We attach great importance to our after-sales services in order to keep costs at a reasonable level, to ensure that our customers can have positive experiences about our brand, and to prefer the same product or product group again, together with a high level of equipment reliability and efficiency.

Our After-Sales Department has TSE – SERVICE QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE (HYB) and as our technical team, we have the competence certificate for the service, control and maintenance of ATEX certified Exproof cranes working in explosive environments.

VISAN VİNÇ continues to be a solution partner to its customers by providing 24/7 technical support and service with its strong and experienced staff.

As VISAN VİNÇ, with our experience of more than 20 years, our technical infrastructure and our strong staff; We provide periodic maintenance and control services that can meet all the expectations of our valued customers.


For the useful, efficient and safe operation of cranes; Daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance is needed. It is possible for our customers to perform daily and weekly controls and maintenance. The maintenance and controls, which will be carried out 4 times a year in quarterly periods, must be carried out by companies and persons who are experts and competent in their fields.


As VISAN VİNÇ, we provide service to all crane brands, especially Visan, SWF Krantechnik branded cranes, with our expert and competent technical team. During the periodical maintenance, which is suitable to be carried out 4 times a year, the technical specifications of each crane that is maintained, the spare parts used and the operations performed are recorded. In this way, the traceability of the cranes that are maintained is ensured.

General Maintenance and Controls on Cranes;

  • Control of cross and long travel motors.
  • Control of Girder and trolley’s power supply and electrical panel
  • Steel / Concrete runway control
  • Girder, platform and railing control
  • Hoisting motor, brake and reducer control
  • Drum, Rope, Guide and General Equipment Control
  • Hook and Hook Block Control
  • Control of Overload, Limit Switches and Limiting Buffers
  • Control of Warning Indication Lamp and Warning Signs
  • Control of Pendant and Remote Control
  • Control Rope Lubrication
  • Lubrication control of reducers
  • Control of chain hoist and general tools or equipments

Visan Vinç, in accordance with the “Regulation on Amending the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment” in the 30047th issue of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey dated April 4, 2017, has successfully completed his training from the educational institutions authorized by the Ministry, and is certified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. includes persons. In this way, while maintaining its independence and impartiality, it provides Periodic Inspection service to all crane brands; continues to offer dynamic static load tests, which are required by the legislation, to its customers with its expert staff.

Visan Crane, which carries out annual maintenance and control agreements and Periodic Inspections performed once a year in accordance with the legislation, provides full service to its customers as a first in Turkey.

By providing spare parts supply and stock inventory support, we are able to respond to malfunctions and requests in a much shorter time. We provide complete special maintenance services primarily Visan Brand that we manufacture and SWF KRANTECHNIK brand that we are the authorized distributor of in Turkey and also all kinds of industrial overhead cranes, electric chain hoists, manual chain hoists and Exproof products.


You can contact us by filling out this form for your claim and spare part requests, or you can send an e-mail to

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