Frequency Inverter Control

-Low load sway thanks to adjustable speed
-Soft start-stop reduces stress on the gearing and wheels, thus reducing wear on the brake, wheels and rails

frequency inverter control-1

Sway Control

-Sway Control monitors all movements as well as lifting height (sway length), travel speed and handling loads; the system uses these values to regulate acceleration and braking curves correspondingly, thus prevents sway on the load suspended.

-Sway length control by Joystick radio remote control
-Easy to use for operator
-Preventing the loads or machine park from being damaged due to sway

Tandem (Simultaneous) Operation

-Simultaneous or standalone use during hoisting, lowering and travelling movements
-Handling of long and heavy loads with more than one trolley or crane
-Fast and accurate transport of loads
-Control by remote control

Slack Rope Prevention

-Less risk of damage to the crossbeams, ropes, slings and sheaves

-Optimized load handling and loading cycle

-Higher productivity and safety

-Automatic stop of the lowering movement upon ground contact

Shock Load Prevention

-Higher service life for steel construction, crane runway, ropes, crossbeams and slings

-Safer, stabilized load handling

-Fragile load protection

-Smooth load lifting through reduced hoisting speed

Automatic Stacking Crane

-Automatically pick up the goods from the loading point and leaving goods on the requested shelf

-Fully automatic or operator controlled usage

-More storage space due to narrow gaps between the shelves