Visan Brand Products

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Perfect utilisation of space and almost vertical lifting guarantee so that work is carried out precisely and safely.


•    2-speed hoisting motors (4/1)
•    4-step hoisting limit switch with slow-down function
•    Phase mismatch protection
•    Mechanical overload protection
•    Load display screen 
•    Thermal protection for hoisting 
•    Travelling machinery with frequency inverter, 2-step or stepless
•    Standard 3-phase voltages 380/400/415 V 50 Hz; 
•    48 V contactor control
•    IP 54 protection, duty factor 40 %
•    Electrical assembly and wiring in accordance with IEC standards
•    Robust rope guide made of cast iron
•    Ambient temperature -10°C to +40°C
•    Noisy level 70dB
•    IP65 control pendant with plug adapter and Emergency-Stop
•    Cast Iron wheels


•    IP65 protection for hoisting motor
•    Hoisting with inverter control
•    Radio remote control
•    Standard 3-phase voltages 440/460/480 V 60 Hz
•    External fan for hoisting motor
•    Standby heating for bridge panels and motors
•    Ambient temperature -20°C …+55°C
•    Rain cover
•    Articulated trolley for curved track
•    Lockable hook/ramshorn hook
•    Cable reeling drums and more