Tandem operation for hoists and cranes

Simultaneous operation with two or more hoists

This system is used where loads have to be transported with more than one lifting-gear unit at the same time and delivered to an exact spot. Up to four units can be controlled by the crane operator in tandem operation at the same time. In this way the hoists start and stop at exactly the same time during the lifting and lowering process.

  • Simultaneous lifting and lowering
  • Load summation
  • High degree of operational safety
  • Constant hook levelling
  • No need to correct individual lifting units
  • Rapid and accurate load carrying

Shared use of two cranes

Where two cranes are in shared use at the same time, it is always possible for dangerous situations to arise as soon as one of the cranes involved unexpectedly slows down or stops. The electronic crane interlocking feature prevents exactly this situation. There is constant radio monitoring and exchanging of all relevant data. Relays in an additional control panel for each crane ensure that fed back messages are processed, and they handle the communication between the two systems.

The following components and functions are included in the monitoring system and therefore offer a thoroughly safe system:

  • Main contactor
  • Long and cross travel
  • Lifting/lowering
  • All travelling limit switches
  • Overload safety feature
  • Frequency inverter function
  • Overheating protection for all motors
  • Anti collosion device