Sway Control electronic load-sway protection

  • Increased productivity

Higher speeds and faster acceleration rates can be used. Better positioning accuracy as the load is not swaying when travel motion is stopped.

  • Increased safety

Crane operator can focused on safety of load handling while not worrying about the load swing. Reduced risk of collisions due to reduced load sway.

  • Less training needed for crane operators

to reach proficient level of positioning accuracy and load handling safety.

The electronic Sway Control load-sway protection feature prevents harmful load peaks and therefore reduces the stress exerted on both electrical and mechanical components. This cuts the time and money spent on maintenance. The crane is easy to control and allows the load to be placed in just the rightposition. The crane operator can focus his concentration entirely on the load and does not have to take into consideration the cross and long travelling movements. This represents a considerable saving in time and enhances the safety of the operation in progress.

Sway Control monitors all movements as well as lifting height (sway length), speed of travel and the load carried. The system uses these values to regulate acceleration and braking curves correspondingly, thus preventing sway on the load suspended.

Key technical data

  • Frequency inverter for cross and long travel
  • NovaMaster hoist monitoring unit
  • Geared limit switch with encoder for automatic detection of current lifting height
  • Central data processing unit for the individual values measured and for controlling cross and long travel via the frequency inverter
  • Radio remote control with selector switch for entering additional sway length through the lifting sling currently in use
  • Control light for displaying whether the system is switched on or off