NovaMaster electronic hoist condition monitoring system

  • Safe working

Hoist gear monitoring, permanent SWP calculation, continuous overload protection

  • Protective working

Smooth lifting and stopping of the load

  • Short downtimes

Quick reading of all crane-related data on the display

  • Low maintenance costs

Smooth acceleration and braking reduce the wear and tear on motors and brakes

Advantage: Easily optimises the crane‘s profitability

Key technical data

NovaMaster constantly monitors and stores all the hoists parameters:

  • Remaining safe working period (SWP) of the hoist
  • Total number of starts
  • Total working period of the hoist motor
  • Total number of hoist cycles
  • Average load
  • Remaining safe working period of the brake
  • Current load on the hook
  • Current supply voltage
  • Total number of overload incidents
  • Total number of emergency stop incidents
  • Maximum value of the calculated duty cycle (ED)
  • Total switch-on time of the crane
  • Maximum measured value of the load

and much more

Additional features:

  • Relay outputs for other electrically controlled additional functions
  • Intermediate loads can be programmed for the hoist
  • Analogue output, for example for a large load display (0-10 V)
  • RadioMaster remote control with a display indicating the current load
  • Slack rope function with a bypass, e.g. for using load suspension devices
  • CANbus function to network up to 5 hoists
  • Multifunctional inlets e.g. for overload switching points or start/runtime counters
  • Load measurements/summation optional via strain gauge sensor or motor current measurements